About Ancestry

Ancestry (former Rodokmen) is freeware genealogical database program. It enables the user to save variable information about his relatives, to create relationships between them, to paste photos or other files. The part and parcel of ANCESTRY are functions for displaying which enable to generate "family trees" e.g. line of descents or line of ascents to nominated person, to modify them in your own way and save them as vectorial picture. There are still many further functions that can be useful (anniverseries, statistics, searching for relationships, combination of two ancestries, calculator of datas). The support of genealogical standard GEDCOM or wide export into HTML pages is obvious.


The program has passed a long period since 2003 till now. The very important phenomena is Ancestry forum where every user can publish his upgrade suggestions. Thanks to them Ancestry is being developed. Its biggest quality, first of all, is the flexibility to requests of users and zero price.

The programme is under construction, new functions are added all the time. No matter of that, it is full valuable product ready to be used. Saved data from every previous version are compactible and transferable with no problem. All information is saved in only one file (with RODZ extension), which can be protected by password.

I hope Ancestry will be useful assistent helping you in creating your ancestry and I wish you were succusesfull in searching for your further new relatives :-)

Martin Nethar Doležal

autor programu - Martin "Nethar" Doležal